What does bikewithme offer?

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We know there is more to Amsterdam than the city center and the highlights listed in glossy magazines for the tourists. We offer people and organizations the opportunity to come together, get to know each other and explore the Dutch landscape that only the Dutch get to see. We are aware that many who are new to Amsterdam (or new to The Netherlands) struggle to explore beyond their routines and to meet other people. So rather than spend your time in the city center with tourists, come explore the countryside, culture and food with other locals and people just like you!

How are we different?

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We solely focus on people who have moved the Netherlands or to Amsterdam- so our events are not for tourist! We don’t take you to the typical tourist attractions in Amsterdam. We want to show your parts of the country that are (generally speaking) only known by locals. We create a community for everyone looking to experience more than just the expat scene. Helping you meet interesting people and create the friendships that make you feel at home while you are here abroad.

About us

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The idea of Bikewithme started once I, Doutzen (Dutch girl) returned to the Netherlands after having lived abroad in the US and China. I know how nice it is to escape the ‘expat bubble’, meet new friends and participate in the same activities enjoyed by the locals. But sometimes you need a bit of help from a local to get to know the ‘not so obvious’ (non-tourist) treasures of your new country. With Bikewithme I want to bring you to beautiful parts of the Netherlands, mainly known by the locals.

BikeWithMe Takes You for a Ride

You might be new to the Netherlands, or you might not… but you’re not quite a local (yet!) and definitely not a tourist — so why would you tour around like one? Bikewithme bike events were created with you in mind. We offer a fun way to meet people, explore the beauty of The Netherlands just outside of Amsterdam and build friendships in your new community.